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Why do you paint with rain?

I live in the Pacific Northwest. There is certainly no shortage of rain here, so I figured, why not?

How did you come up with the idea of painting with rain?

It was pouring out one evening. Actually, it had been for about a week straight and I was starting to get cabin fever. My go-to in such scenarios is to draw or paint... so, I took some watercolor paper and some liquid acrylic and went outside to see what kind of patterns would appear if I put the acylic on paper and let the rain splatter it around. I was pleasantly surprised.

Why is your site called 'i am the clouds?'

I felt that there was something neat about using and working with nature to create art. It feels honest. Probably because all of us is nature, despite how hard we might try to forget it. Since I was a kid I was fascinated by clouds. I mean, it's floating water, for crying out loud!

What are those odd numbers on the details of your artwork?

Those numbers are latitude and longitude coordinates. I stamp all my art with the location of where the water I used for a particular piece is sourced.


Where is my order?

If your order is running late, please contact us and we will do what we need to sort out the issue.

You've sent me the wrong order. What do I do?

Oops! This is a rare event, but sometimes this happens, especially when multiple orders go out at the same time. If it's a print: please contact us and we will send you out the proper print. You keep the other print as an apology for our mess up. If it's an original piece of art: If we accidentally shipped you an original that you didn't buy, we will pay for return shipping so we can get the order to it's proper place. Then we will make sure you recieve your correct item.

How are your products shipped?

I generally ship everything USPS First Class with tracking. This is the simplest way to ship and is also the most cost effective that I have found. If the item you've purchased is an original painting, I also add insurance for FREE.

Earth Friendly

What do you mean when you say upcycling?

What this means is that I take paper or mat pieces that would otherwise be tossed out and utilize it. I get all the pieces of mat board from local art stores and frames shops and use them to mat my artwork- that way nothing goes to waste.

I ordered two of the same thing and I noticed that they aren't exactly the same. Why is this?

Because I get all of my mat board and paper from various places in the attempt to utilize supplies that would be thrown out, it can be difficult to get a bunch of the same stuff. This means that sometimes the paper will be a slightly different texture or the color might not be exactly the same.

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